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Hi, I’m Tora Kim. I’m a writer, actress, artist, musician and traveler. Also add ‘food and wine lover’, ‘pleasure seeker’ and ‘adventurist’ to that list, and we can continue!

To say that I have many interests is a grand understatement. I wouldn’t have spent most of my life dedicating myself to ‘interests’ if they weren’t flat out obsessions. “Obsession is passion when practiced to enlighten.” As my obsessions have helped me grow and evolve through passionate pursuit, so it is my hope to tell stories that will add something of pleasure, knowledge and inspiration to your life as well. Ever since I got that Bon Vivant tattoo on my right arm, I’ve been having a lot of fun doing my darnedest to live up to it.


My former life as a touring musician and recording artist came after I took my first trip to Paris when I was 15. I already knew I had a bad case of wanderlust… But there I was on a summer scholarship to an art school when the narrow thread of my existence shape-shifted into a broad and endless universe. It was crazy! And magical. Upon high school graduation I picked up my backpack and headed to Europe.

I never looked back.

When I returned to school in New York City, I was trying to figure out how to travel and make art and eat great food and meet cool people and live the dream. NYC sufficed for a while, obvs…. That’s also where I decided to become a rock star.


I was relentless! And I got to work with some amazing talents, make music I’m proud of to this day, and rock out onstage on four different continents to audiences around the world.

So here it is: travel, art, food, adventure, style, characters, places. Sure, it sounds broad but all these things can happen inside of ONE day. And I’m talking about them from my point of view so it’s a unique take. These topics are important because they’re central to my experiences at the crossroads of culture and people, shaping my worldview. And writing helps me to assimilate a world of experiences as different from each other as the charms on a chunky charm necklace, or the links on a DNA chain. I’m changing my own DNA as I write, and I want to share these stories with you in the hopes that you will be inspired to write, make, travel, connect with more people, save animals, do more yoga, climb Everest, drink better wine… or whatever it is to help you live your gorgeous dreams, too.


The world would be a better place. Just sayin’.

— XOXO, Tora

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